Off The Charts (aka OTC) Dance was a division of Thunderstruck Canada dedicated to dance education and training. That will not change. When Thunderstruck Canada started offering master classes at its competitions and created the Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention. Along with providing other dance programs, having OTC sometimes caused confusion with people. Thunderstruck Canada is also preparing to launch a new responsive and bilingual web site. With all these considerations at play, we felt it best to bring it all under one brand and provide a clear picture for dancers, parents, teachers, and studios.

We are proud to offer one of the elite dance faculties in Canada to adjudicate our events and teach our classes. These faculty are available to deliver our dance programs including our Regional Conventions, the Star Talent Program, our Top Studio Convention, the Fall Conventions, and Studio Intensives. Our faculty are always interested to provide Choreography, so we have a great program in place.